Oh to be in Marrakesh…


Inspiried by my cousin-in-law Courtney’s current excursion to Morocco, I went in search of all things Moroccan for a themed dinner party and came up with a virtual treasure chest of awe inspiring goods, so be prepared for a long post! I am flabbergasted at the pricing of such beautiful goods!

This is basically a collage of all the amazing things I found on these four sites:

and the cool cork votives from my new favorite party site www.plumparties.com
All of these items are beyond affordable….a inlaid tile dining set for under $600? Set of 6 jewel like tea glasses (for drinks and as votive holders) for under $40? I am literally jumping out of my chair in excitement over these finds! I can imagine a fantastic dinner party using all these wonderful things on my soon-to-be romantic brick outdoor patio (condo sold, looking for such a place now!)
Moroccan lanterns, when lit, give off amazing light and create beautiful patterns on surrounding surfaces eliminating the need for excess wall decor. Combine those with tealights, brightly colored linens,plates, glasses and lots of embroidered pillows and instantly you would have a charming cocktail infused environment on a warm summer night!
I am eagerly anticipting Courtney’s return to the states to see what kind am miraculous findings she has coming back to her shop!

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