On Wine and Speedy Dogs.


(look at that face, I can’t be mad!)

My beloved furry little gentleman friend, Baxter, was rough housing with Andrew the other night and the rascally little speed demon jumped onto the couch hitting a full glass of red wine out of my hand and onto the light tan couch.
Granted, we hate our couches (in defense of the couches, they are completely unoffensive-we are just sick of them) and were hoping to get new ones. A little stain remover and a washing and they may be sell-able for some spare change on Craigslist. But Andrew gave me the go ahead to get a new couch and pair of chairs for the living room. Tres excited. They won’t be my “dream” ones, seeing as our budget is quite limited to do this, but they will be better than what we have going on now! And they will be upholstered in stain resistant fabric, that is for SURE. :)

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