One More for Good Measure


I am making up for not posting yesterday.
One more, then my mind will be clear and I can go back to work.

I love these two pictures.

My mom let me take them from her house because I was so into them. They are pictures of our family store Tubridy’s in Willimantic, CT, from 1935. My great grandfather started it when he came over from Ireland, my grandfather and grandmother ran it until my father took over and sadly, had to close it some years back. It was such a special place for me growing up. My dad would take my brother Mike and I with him to work and I would wrap packages, try on jewelry and pretend I was a salesgirl while my baby brother played in the women’s underwear and flirted with all the women working there. We’d play hide and seek among the racks of clothes and try on the mannequin wigs. Mike looked especially fetching in them. Those moments sparked my love for fashion and beautiful things. They provided such joy for me as a little girl and I am so thankful for that.

So I want to pay homage to those precious childhood days spent at Tubridy’s- and these are such a great way to do so. I want to frame them and hang them amongst my other favorite family photos in the foyer. The one of the manequins is SO artsy too- there is a sign that says “Come Hear a Scientific Lecture on Supporting Garments” and there is a skeleton to the left, a mannequin in her “supporting garments” followed by a fully dressed one. I wonder who came up with this? Seems risque for 1935, no? I’d like to think my grandfather or grandmother put this together; that my creativity genes were passed from them to my dad and onto me. Perhaps I am romanticizing…

It’s so nice to have these. Thanks Mom.

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