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A lot of clients ask me to help them select art for their spaces- from prints to original investment pieces. This is one of my FAVORITE parts of designing. I’ve studied art all my life and for my senior show in college could not decide between mediums, so I did a show of painting, collage, mixed media AND photography. Actually, that show is a great metaphor for my life and inability to choose things for myself! :) After college I worked at a well known Boston art gallery and loved pairing people with beloved works of art. In fact, I still hope that someday I’ll own my own gallery (perhaps an area within my home store?)
Anyways, not everyone can afford to walk to into a gallery and plunk down a couple G’s for original art, but you also don’t want to still showcase framed posters on your walls either, right? Good thing there are so many avenues available to you to find emerging artists at a great price point!
The first is Etsy, hands down an amazing place to find just about ANYTHING these days. I found this fantastic abstract painter Aisyah Ang on there and think her portfolio is really interesting and her work really accessibly priced.

Another great source is UGallery, which is a site where art students from schools all over the country can sell their work. You can search by medium, subject, size and price to find something specifically for your space (and perhaps the work of the next Jackson Pollock?) I am particularly enamored with the photography of Mark Elverson of the Massachusetts College of Art (a hometown shout out)- his smoke series is seriously AWESOME.

Go straight to an art school famous for pumping out creative geniuses and shop at Savannah College of Art and Design’s site– here are some various works I like (but also check out they jewelers and home goods designer too!)

Ebay is always another option- but it takes more patience to wade through the crap to get to the good stuff. If anyone has other sources for original art they would like to share please leave a comment!

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