Penguin Classics


I’ve been reading a lot lately- I find that more so than tv, I am able to check out and relax deeper when reading.  And I must admit, there have been times when I have picked up books because their covers are beautifully designed. I think it would be such a cool job to design book covers!  I have long been in love with these Penguin Classics hardcovers. These would dress up any bookshelf so nicely- and give you a great library to treasure forever!


My personal new favorite is the Emma cover….chairs, naturally….


But I also love the classic old school Penguin covers.The orange, white and black covers (clearly a new favorite color combo of mine) are just so fantastic.


And so when I saw this framed print by illustrator Alanna Cavanaugh I swooned- I love the graphic quality AND the book she chose to print!

Picture 2

Note the coffee stains. Makes it all the better.

Picture 3

There’s only one limited edition print left on her site so if you LOVE it, hop to it! :)

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