pink + red obsession


I was flipping through some magazine last weekend and stopped dead in my tracks when I saw model Dree Hemingway in this amazing pink and red outfit. This isn’t even a good picture of it, but the way she combined simple, sleek silhouettes in bold, saturated pink and red and then topped it with a skinny belt and fur vest is such perfection.

I put together my own version of the look and added a little animal print because this combination makes me indescribably happy. Here, I illustrated it for you. That would be me passed out from the awesomeness of this combo. I also love this color scheme  in rooms too- and not just little girl rooms. Pink can be very very chic for grownups, especially when paired with red!

OK, my type has gotten all wacky and I can’t figure it out so pardon the bold.

Perhaps it’s the dreary weather that’s making me absolutely CRAVE pink in my home right now (fat chance of me getting any though). These images conjure up feelings of pure joy, no?

J.Crew is all about this color combo too! (OMG, I hate WordPress, why is it doing this to my font???)

Anyways, I also did a little vacation outfit for myself as I count the days until I go to St. Maarten in April!

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