Post Domino Life: What Shall We Do?


A world with no Domino to grace our mailboxes and news stands every month…what is a girl to do??? The news of it’s folding really rocked the lives of all us design junkies. I am still in shock and kind of don’t believe it. A first of it’s kind, Domino offered a blend of accessible yet lust worthy spaces and items for us all to appreciate and tack on our inspiration boards. Finding out that this tragically depressing economy has taken our beloved Domino as it’s latest victim makes me sad. Really sad. I even shed an actual tear for this publication- it inspired me to start my blog and my business, which has changed my life forever, so to the divas at Conde Nast, I bow down to you in thanks. I hate to sound all sappy about a glued together stack of paper pages, but it’s true- it really was a catalyst for me to leave my boring jobs and do all of this.

So what are we to do? With all these magazines closing I feel there is a heap of responsibility on the shoulders of us design bloggers to fill the echoing void left in Domino’s (and others) wakes. So what shall we do? I am tempted to try to start a monthly design e-zine or website with a bunch of other design minded and inspired people I’ve met on the “interwebs”…but do you think it would take off? Would designers send us their work? Would people tune in and/or pay for a “subscription”… I’d love to hear from you readers about what you think would be the most fabulous thing to do to soothe all the sad hearts out there clinging to their back stock issues of Domino…

R.I.P dear Domino- I do hope we’ll meet again.

P.S. If you have not bought the Domino book- now is the time to do it! it’s a virtual catalog of their greatest hits!

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