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This week’s Product Junkie is one of my favorite bloggers and interior designers Erika of Urban Grace. Most of you who read this blog read hers too so I’m sure you are familiar with her amazing work and her adorable new baby!  This busy lady has some great products to recommend to all of us other busy ladies!

I’m about as low maintenance as they come.  BUT I do love products… not sure if “low-maintenance” and “product-junkie” can go hand-in-hand… but maybe I am proof they can!?  Here are a few low-maintenance loves of mine…
product junkies for erin I’ve always loved L’Oreal mascara… recently a friend recommended Double Extend.  It’s not extraordinary in lengthening lashes or anything (because I don’t believe any mascara really makes lashes look longer, just thicker) but the beauty of it – it goes on and creates “tubes” around your lashes so when you wash your face (or go to the beach or pool) it doesn’t turn to black paste under your eyes!  The mascara washes off your lashes in tubes – it’s really amazing.  No scrubbing your eyes to get that black residue off!  And if you are lazy or in a hurry you don’t have to use both the clear base coat + the black mascara, you can just use the black and it works the same!  Love it!!! (Trish McEvoy makes a mascara like this too, if you are one of those who likes to pay more ;) )

Quick Slip by Paul Mitchell.  LOVE.  These last few years my hair has gotten a little wavy, and it’s not that cute wave you see in magazines.  This product goes on wet hair before blow-drying and helps my hair lay flat.  Fewer waves, fewer frizzies.  It is a great product!  On super humid days I’ve even used it after my hair is dry for extra taming.

A friend recently let me try her Bobbi Brown Cream Concealer. The Bobbi Brown website has the tagline “award winning” attached to this concealer… and for good reason! It’s fantastic!  As good as photoshop!  :)

Thanks Erika!

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