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Raychel Wade is a professional make-up artist in New York City with her own consulting company Cheek to Chic.  She is so accomplished (featured in Allure, InStyle, Self, Lucky…) she was even chosen to be the Color Ambassador for La Prarie cosmetics.  So how lucky are we to get her three favorite products of all time??? Pretty darn lucky I say! I’m scrambling to go buy all three…


1.  Nars Multiple in Copacabana:
I consider this product the wheel of dewy skin while other companies just try and reinvent it.  I myself have replenished my kit with countless products that highlight, reflect, dazzle and shine up the skin but I always come back to good ‘ol Copacabana.  There isn’t a client that does not see this stick coming at them (unless of course they want a matte finish).  Traditionally, people use it on the upper cheek bones, but I love to use it on the bow of the lip and the smack on the apples of the cheeks over a power blush.  Used sparingly, it gives that wet, sexy, red-carpet look.  And it is one of those rare products that actually look better as the day (or night) progresses!


2. Giorgio Armani Blender Brush:
Quite simply I would be lost without this baby!  I have had the same one in my kit for almost 10 years and it has never let me down.  I think my fingers might even have indentations that help it to sit cozily in my hand.  I use this for foundation application.  Of course the age old question is ‘do I reeaaallly need to apply my foundation with a brush?’  No, but if you do, use this!  The bristles are uniquely short and stubby and here’s the kicker:  Most foundation brushes are made with synthetic hair which keeps you from being able to blend properly and if you aren’t careful, the finish can be streaky.  This bad boy is made with soft sable so the finish is like airbrush.  And it’s small enough to maneuver around every inch of your face.


3.  Sue Devitt E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow in Bambari:
There are COUNTLESS sparkly, loose eye shadows out there.  But I find that most of them seem to belong on say, someone who thinks Justin Bieber is a good looking, older gentleman.  It’s hard to find a product and color that us adults can look good wearing and still feel beautiful and sophisticated.  Well, I found it.  The product is great, but the shade is outstanding!  So often I have done a trial for a bride and when I am done they look in the mirror and really like what they see.  Then I call them back to the chair, dab a little of this on their lids, they take a second glance and sign the contract.  I’m not kidding, it’s that magical.  Note:  It’s a little tough to simply roll on the lid, so I like to dab a bit of it on the back of my hand and then scoop it up and apply it with my fingertip.

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