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Over the past, I dunno, 28 years I’ve been a total beauty product addict. It’s documented in my baby book on my third Christmas where my mom wrote in “She asked for a makeup kit??” Since then I’ve ditched the Wet-n-Wild teal eyeliner and have been lapping up recommendations from magazines left and right only to be let down quite a bit of the time when the promise of airbrushed skin/the perfect faux tan/inner “glow” fail to actually be reproduced in my bathroom mirror.  I much prefer to spend my hard earned money on products that my friends and industry pros I know tout as being genius.  So I thought “why not make it a blog series?” Starting this week I’ll be hittin’ you with the absolute must have items of people I trust as beauty advisors and inspirations!


I figured it would be best to kick it off with my own can’t live without it product. Ok, I cheated, I have three.  But I’m the boss lady so I say it’s ok. I am not typically a creature of habit when it comes to makeup and skincare because I always want to try the newest, greatest thing.  Except for these three things that I ALWAYS purchase. My skin in nothing to write home about, so I do use foundation and concealer liberally. However, I hate really thick foundation as well as super sheer “this is basically expensive lotion” tinted moisturizers. So finding a balance was tough, but man how I love my Chanel Teint Innocence Foundation. Totally perfect coverage that looks natural but attempts to hide the damage I did when lathering on tanning oil while a lifeguard as a teen. I’ve bought other fancy ones that magazine always claim are “the best” only to return them a re-purchase this one. Plus, it’s the only Chanel item I can afford and I would be lying if I said the black box with the logo doesn’t thrill me a little. Pairing that with the inimitable Cle de Peau concealer and YSL’s Touche Eclat (both worth every penny- imitators don’t come close) creates the closest thing to good lookin’ skin for me (I will NOT say flawless, because I hate it when mags claim that. No one is flawless). Seeing as I turn THIRTY FREAKING ONE in three weeks, I need all the help I can get!

I’m going to survey a wide swath of people- from other interior designers to fashionistas to makeup artists and stylists.  Up next week, the must have product from my new hair guru Jeffrey Lyle!

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