Real Estalking Winchester Style


You guys know I love to real estalk- I always am coveting one house or another and dreaming of what I could do if only I could get my grubby little hands on it. Well,one of my client’s is selling her adorable home in Winchester, MA (the place Andrew and I will go once we decide to ‘burb it). From this cute home, with lots of details found in great old homes but modern amenities as well, you can walk to the commuter rail, grab a cup of Starbucks, hit a hot yoga class at Prana Yoga and pick up something cute to wear at French Lessons boutique. :) Plus, as I was shocked to find that in my car I was back in Back Bay in 10 minutes- that’s faster than from where I live IN Boston. Anyways, pass this along if you know of anyone looking for a great home!

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