Reason # 58 of why I love my job…


Blogging is the best thing I’ve ever decided to do (besides starting my company). I”ve met some seriously awesome, cool,and talented people, gained many an exciting client, get to utilize my creativity every day, and because awesome people like Emily at Orange Beautiful surprise me with things like this! ** Or because my BROTHER SENT THEM TO ME WITH NO GIFT TAG! Oy. I feel like an arse. You know what they say about assuming… Well, I change the last reason to “I love blogging because it makes it so easy for people to shop for me”.

I came home on Friday to find this beautifully wrapped package delivered to my house…
And inside….

I literally jumped for joy! After posting about them when I first saw them on her blog, I’ve been thinking about them- and now they are mine! :) ** Thanks Mike!
Oh happy day… will post a pic once they are framed and proudly hanging in my office. I SO need a daily reminder to get my sh*t together.
You can buy them here.

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