Rendered Breathless and Inspired…


I practically trembling over the excitement I feel after just finishing looking at what is going to be my new #1 source of inspiration. No longer will I need to feel the exquisite pangs of sadness when Domino no longer arrives in my mailbox, because Lonny Magazine, the online brainchild of Michelle Green (of the fabric company Rubie Green) and Patrick Cline has launched and they have outdone themselves on so many levels.  Not only are the styles and editorial concepts pure genius and very Domino-esque, the ability to “flip through pages”  and click on an item you see featured and be brought right to the website for purchase is a dream. They have a rocketing success on their hands and I’m in awe of their hard work and drive to make something so beautiful for the public to enjoy. I bow down to you this morning, Michelle and Patrick. I hope you are off celebrating in a really huge way!
Now, to get myself involved somehow…. :)
Just check out some of the images from the first issue of Lonny and try not to spend an entire hour devouring it like I just did.

All photos by Patrick Cline, who is clearly, a genius.

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