Rich Soil: Beacon Hill Garden Tour


I hope everyone had a nice long weekend- I think all summer weekends should be three days, no? Anyways, last week my friend Amanda and I went on the Beacon Hill Garden Tour. As you know from my previous post, I adore Beacon Hill. It is Boston’s most aesthetically gifted neighborhood and it feels so very European and full of charm. Seeing the private gardens behind the venerable brick town homes was pretty amazing- just knowing the value of the real estate of those small patios and plots of grass made every little plant all the more impressive. However, besides a few knockout ones, I was a bit deflated by it. Perhaps it’s because I’ve spent so much time in my mom’s garden that anything less falls short or perhaps it was the distraction of the garden with ASTROTURF and all the waxy chintz balloon shades I could see through the windows? Anyways, here are few snapshots, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon!

This garden was insane and by far the most impressive- entering through their archway into the stone walled breakfast area and then up the stairs to a HUGE yard and garden (let me remind you, this is smack in the middle of the city- the yard is on the second level-i.e. on top of a building)

I had to take some snaps of doors, naturally.

The old floors in some of these places were more impressive than the gardens! Look at these beauties!

Bottom left was the garden with old astroturf in the middle and a fountain that looked like it had bubble bath it in. I think that lady is looking at me going “Really????”. I mean, the potential of this space is incredible. To the right, another sweet garden.

Hello, gorgeous.

It was really difficult to take good pictures in these small spaces FULL of people. This garden was adorable with separate seating areas in the sun and the shade. I’d happily eat breakfast here or have a cocktail! :)

A very lovely flower shop on the Hill.

This patio below left had some amazing vines and trees, and below right, the vine framed door with pots along the top just tickled me.

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