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Yesterday while at the New York Design Center a lovely lady by the name of Katherine came up to me to tell me she loved my blog.  After chatting she then hands me a card for her lighting business, Matthew Studio. As I sit here on the train back to Boston i decided to go on her site thanks to the hella slow Acela WiFi…. and I. JUST. DIED.

I kid you not, I might pass out from the ridiculous beauty of her  lighting and accessories made from gorgeous natural materials like quartz, pyrite, gypsum and malachite. I desperately want to use these in a project and when I make it big time (and buy a place again), my own home.  The clear quartz sconces in a bathroom? Are you KIDDING ME? I just died again thinking about it.


Picture 12Picture 13

Picture 5Picture 6


Picture 8floorTable-mainImg2

They also make custom light fixtures like the dreaming quartz covered sputnik below and jewel like finials!

Picture 11Picture 10

With items this beautiful, I don’t think I can handle finding out how much they are. But I can remain enamored.

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