Scenes from The Ranch…


Finally got to downloading some pics from the holiday weekend off my camera- more time spent at my parent’s house aka “the ranch”, aka “my country house”. Had to show off Dad’s new purchase- a vintage Ford tractor that was purchased, I’m sure, as a “barn accessory”. True to dad’s aesthetically gifted designer roots, he’s a tad bothered that the red on it doesn’t match the barn. :) I totally understand.

Ingredients for a perfect “man barn”: 1 part vintage convertible, 1 part tractor, 50 parts tools. Mix and hear the grunting begin.

See. Andrew can’t resist.
More eye candy from the weekend:

This place is just HIDEOUS. Hurts my eyes. ;)

And from the “Why I Love My Family” files- my brother Mike pulled the tablecloth off the table and velcro-ed it around his neck and said “Hey Erin, you should blog this. The “man shawl”. It’s the hottest new thing”- and then jumped for joy for the camera (possibly fueled by 4 or 5 gin and tonics. Possibly.)
It’s nice to have weekends when your abs are sore from laughing, no?

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