Sea Island, GA 31561


All things pointed me to Sea Island today. I was searching for images of Tibi owner Amy Smilovic’s home and found this. Apparently, Amy grew up on St. Simons, a neighboring island to the grand Sea Island, and is now working with the sparklingly renovated Cloister to design a chic suite and uniforms for employees. Now if could sidestep for a minute…
(a photo of a photo- my husband’s family at Sea Island-he’s on his mom’s lap in a little jumper!)

My husband’s family has been going to Sea Island since he was a baby. I’ve heard so many enchanting tales from him and his dear cousins about Easter eggs hunts, walks on the beach and family celebrations all on this little island. To them it is a sacred and special place. There have been family weddings and funerals, good times and bad. I’ve only been once, but we have booked a trip with Andrew’s couin and her husband to jointly celebrate our wedding anniversaries there in September with Andrew’s grandfather, who has been living there year round now. Grandpop always refers to his home in full address form, “Sea Island, GA 31561”, hence the title of this post. :) I am so excited to see more of this place I hear so much about– and now there is the added bonus of Ms. Smilovic’s designs.

The Cloister is a grand ol’ dame, designed in 1928 by famed architect Addison Mizer. A luxe new spa has been added and the luster returned to the somewhat aging buildings. It is something to behold, let me tell you. And there is no more perfect designer to wear while sipping a cold G&T in the humid air on the patio of The Cloister than Tibi (okay, maybe Lilly would also be appropriate). Actually, pve designs sketch here and here reminds me of the feeling of cocktail time there. So it makes perfect sense that by combining Amy’s design flair and local ties, she would be hired to spice up a bit of the very traditional decor and clothing! She’s designed this amazingly perfect suite as well as hip uniforms for all types of employees (how PSYCHED are they??) Sea Island is the perfect place for Amy’s fusion of preppy and 70’s inspired looks, which are ever so popular today!

Check out the suite and sketches of the uniforms, as well as the article in Interior Design– I hope I can see them all in person in September!

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