Sea Island, GA 90210


I’m back from a fantastic visit to Sea Island, GA with my husband, his cousin and her husband. We went down to visit their grandfather who resides there and while getting in some quality time with him, we also managed to see a lot of the island and have some luxurious R&R.
As I mentioned in a previous post, my husband grew up going to Sea Island almost every year with his entire family (5 girl cousins, his sister and aunts, uncles, etc.)- his family has been visiting there since 1946. From what they’ve told me, it used to be much less glam and much more “old country club-ish”. The Cloister has gotten a very expensive face lift and is now up there with the best Four Season’s resort you can think of. Actually, all of the island has been swathed in riches- the little ranches of yesteryear razed to build massive stucco mansions. While biking around taking pictures and yelling “oh my god!” at the bigger and bigger homes we came up with the title of this post. It really is like Beverly Hills of the South- $13 million here, $5 million there and the contents of your wallet AND firstborn to get a massage (albeit an AWESOME one). :) But my goodness is it lovely.
The hubby’s family’s home which provided AMAZING views from the deck facing the marsh- lots of swimming and wine and laughs for us all…

Of course I was enamored with some of Grandpop’s stuff in the house from yesteryear! A stack of old trunks, a carved gilded mirror, a gorgeous vintage fabric covered chair and delicious carved buffet table.

Off to the Beach Club we went… nothing beats plopping your purse in the basket of a bike and riding off to get a cocktail!

But the most amazing space was the Spa! Lighted archways lead to a courtyard fountain which then runs through the entire space under a glass path in the floor. It leads you to the most amazing atrium/waiting room of a spa ever imagined! A “river” runs through the middle amongst palm trees and greenery where you can sit in a plush chair with a blanket a a cup of hot tea….

A maze in the back that was conquered…

The indoor pool with it’s amazing vaulted and beamed ceiling and lighting…

Even the jogging map was to die for cute!

Off we went on bikes to do some real estalking…

Most of these photos are of the cute smaller homes- I was less inclined to photograph the over the top mansions…

This one is my favorite, with the little guest house beside it.

The tree below left was the most UNBELIEVABLE tree I’ve ever seen…it can be yours for the bargain price of $13.9 million (the house comes with it)

The beaches are flat and hard, perfect for walking. The house to the right enchanted us with it’s bright green door and shutters- looks like a home Lilly Pulitzer could live in!

The streets run under a canopy of gorgeous tree branches draped in Spanish moss. So perfect you almost feel like you are on a movie set!

The photo below right is of “the hugging trees”, as named by my husband and his cousins when they were little kids!

And then there is this. The unspeakable monstrosity built right on the beach. I felt like I was going to be beamed up and taken away to another planet. Apparently it is the beach home of some lunatic French architect and it is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!!!!

We finished our trip with the husbands surprising us with a moon-lit picnic on the beach with candles and good wine. We even saw a shooting star (and a satellite– which I am convinced was actually a spaceship- probably trying to find it’s mother i.e. the house above)

Now, back to work… :)

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