Seriously Cool.


Returning this morning from a lovely 2 day beach vacation on the Cape, I am feeling quite nature-loving and seaside inspired. One of my favorite things about living by the shore (besides spending the whole day working on my basal cell carcinoma with a stack of magazines)- are rainy beach days spent in front of a fire or crisp evenings doing the same. However, being not so rustically inclined, actually starting a fire can be a challenge for me if it doesn’t involve propane and a switch or whining to my husband or father to build me one. Alas, someone has invented the mother of all lazy girl fire pits. Columbo Construction Corporation makes hammered copper fire bowls that sit outside on your deck/lawn/patio that are propane fueled and require no logs or eagle scout badges. Brilliant, modern and simply gorgeous. It’ll cost you your first born, but possibly worth it.

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