Simple and Stunning


It’s fashion week (and if you aren’t following the coverage on From Me To You you are seriously missing out- Jamie Beck is a friggin’ genius) so I feel like I can do fashion posts on Wednesday. :) I will do a big ol’ best of the runways post on Friday so we can all plan out what we’ll wear NEXT fall (I’m still just waiting for spring) but int he meantime check out this darling line Raoul. I love the classic, romatic silhouettes and simplicity- sometimes fashion gets too complicated and trendy and over accessorized and this just looks so crisp and clean! What’s wrong with simple?

Both of these dresses are on my wish list. Add some statement jewels and you are golden.

A trench poncho is the best thing since sliced bread. Especially with trouser denim.

Can you imagine that simple nude dress with some amazing huge earrings and a faux fur shrug??? Perfection!

That white pant emnemble is so Katherine Hepburn! And the green dress is so ethereal.

When I get brave enough to wear shorts like this- they will look like this. Just need to do like 1,000 more warrior twos.


That wedge? Yeah, that needs to happen for me.

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