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I spent the weekend looking online for an apartment (we have to move in 4 weeks) and got really flustered that the perfect space did not present itself to me immediately.  You know, that really cool two bedroom South End brownstone apartment with private garden, central A/C, fireplace and parking for under $3,000 – available immediately? Hmmmmm. So what did I do? I had a pity party for myself and spent a whole afternoon in bed watching season 3 of Lost, reading John Krakauer’s newest book about Pat Tillman (you must read it-more on that another time) and finishing my Easter candy.  I have a flair for the dramatic sometimes, in case you didn’t know.  So this morning I was watching the preview clips for the new series on Bravo, 9 By Design, about the Novogratz family (of Sixx Design) and I felt a little like an big whiner.  There is a scene in which Courtney (who looks SO much like Demi Moore) is 8 months pregnant with her SEVENTH child and they are looking for an apartment to move into in a WEEK! And the best part is her husband brings her to see this loft that used to be a bar that still has vomit in the bathroom and he’s all “I think it’s cool” and she is about to completely freak her freak on him.  I sat here going  “Ok, so I guess I shouldn’t be freaking out too much” and making note to watch the premier tomorrow night!  It looks fascinating- how this couple not only can work together on stressful re-design projects but also raise seven kids and move constantly is beyond me!

I was sent their book Downtown Chic a few months ago and have really loved looking through it and finding out about their design process and background.  This New York Times article is fabulous too- I loved watching the slide show and listening tot hem speak about how they met, how they work and how they live. Here are some images of their work, and be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see all the drama unfold!

Picture 5Picture 6

Picture 9

Picture 13

Picture 16

great barringtonPicture 18


Picture 19Picture 24

Picture 20

Picture 25

Picture 26

(This pic below makes me wonder if they were inspired by The Royal Tenebaums?)

Picture 23

Picture 22

Watch the clip I referenced above here to get a taste of what this new reality series is about!

Images via Sixx Design and NY Times

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