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I was busting at the seams all weekend to do this post. I saw an article in Cottage Living about Atlanta home shop, Bungalow Classic, owners Courtney and Randy Tilinski’s new home in this sustainable community called Serenbe. I loved their home in the magazine (see it here) and went online in search of more information. I think I’ve spent 5 hours looking through ever inch of this site. Seriously. I am in love. I typically am not enamored with instant cottage towns, they feel forced, devoid of charm and scarily Truman Show-esque. However, I love the concept and aesthetics behind this one- the styles are architecturally diverse- from a Gothic inspired cottage to an uber-modern townhouse- the choices are limitless. All the homes are EarthCraft certified and there is even a 25 acre working organic farm! They have a gorgeous inn, adorable shops and organic grocer and restaurants– everything you’d need 30 miles west of Hotlanta. I am literally crazy for this place. The variety of styles blended with lots of nature, eco-consciousness and a clearly vibrant and artistic community make for a pretty idyllic little scene. Perhaps the grass is not always greener and the community is a bit isolated, but from this perspective, I love it.
Andrew and I are in a tough spot right now where circumstances are causing us to have to consider moving- for real. And this might be just the place. Can you see me here with a little design shop that Baxter and I walk to every day? :) I urge you to look through the site if these pictures below appeal to you!

The vast array of interior styles:

Also the extreme variation of exterior styles:

The restaurants, bakery, farm and main town:

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