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I am pretty careful about who is a sponsor of this site, because I only want to provide you readers with links to sites I truly like and will enrich your reading in some manner.  Which is why I was very interested and flattered when the LEEDS Business School at the University of Colorado asked to become an EOS sponsor.  I get a lot of emails from people asking me about starting their own businesses and for advice about beginning your own design career.  I am very lucky to have been able to start and grow this company without any formal training beyond my bachelor’s degree, but I have to say this about doing what I do: it’s 25% creative and 75% paperwork/ business management! Design is an innate skill, you can’t teach someone to have an eye for color or design, you just HAVE it in you. You can, however, teach someone how to run a business!  An MBA is such a valuable degree to have, and I am thrilled that a school like LEEDS is so focused on engaging more female entrepreneurs!  Here is a Q&A with current candidate for her MBA, Glenna Lovan, about the program and what the experience in it has been like for her:

What are your hopes for a career post MBA?

I would love to start an online marketing company, focusing on strategic marketing plans for small businesses. So many small businesses have great ideas but do not have the know-how to increase awareness or expand their company. I want to be a resource for them.
How has the Leeds MBA program helped prepare you for that career goal?

The Leeds MBA program has taken me to the next level of marketing expertise and has helped me develop a framework for starting my own business. Our marketing professors are top-tier and continuously challenge us to think about consumers in different ways. Our entrepreneurial staff encourages us to think big, be realistic, and ask the right questions.  We hear from amazing guest speakers, from big companies like Quaker Oats and IBM to smaller start-ups, and learn from their experiences.

What skills are you given in the program that might help you eventually run your own business?

In contrast to general Master’s degree programs, the Leeds MBA program allows you to develop the skills in all the fundamental areas of business. For instance, my focus is on Entrepreneurship and Marketing but I am required to take Accounting, Economics, Finance, Statistics and Ethics. Because of this, I will leave the program with the ability to look at any part of a real business to evaluate opportunities or find and fix problems. This is essential if you want to own a business.

Any advice to those considering an MBA?

I would say talk to people – to the schools, to people who have gotten their MBA, to people who are in an industry you are considering. It’s a big decision. There is a lot of work – reading, studying, working on projects but I believe there is also a lot of payoff. It’s an investment, you put a lot of time and money into it and if you apply yourself and are honest about your goals, you will win big. Just make sure it is something that you want to do and if it’s for you, it will be all worth it.

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