Sprucing Up Your Home in the “In Between”


I had a few of you comment that you wanted some tips for sprucing up your homes for the time in between the holidays and springtime. Holiday decor, when removed, can leave your space feeling bare but it’s not quite time to go full “spring cleaning/ accessorizing” yet.  Instead of leaving things feeling dreary there are a few things that can help perk up your interior without blowing your budget.  From really good faux plants and branches (how can we take on MORE responsibility to keep something alive during this wretched never-ending pandemic), fresh rugs and bedding to organizational pieces (it’s said that organizing your space leads to greater happiness).  So here are some finds for you that will help you get started!

  • Try adding a large mirror to bounce light around a room or a large scale artwork to add interest to the walls
  • Treat yourself to new everyday dishes- we’ve saved enough money on not dining out as much the past 2 years!
  • Swap out an old piece of furniture for something a little more sleek and modern and see how it makes the room feel.
  • Add new lighting on various levels in the room- lighting helps SO much, especially during this weary winter days!


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