Stencils? Yes, stencils.


When I think of stenciling a wall I think of icky, dated borders of grape leaf vines and whimsical fruit. But as we’ve seen in years past, especially this year, trends usually come full circle, much to my amazement. Like stirrup pants, leggings and neon colors- stencils are back but in a much fiercer way.

Applying a repeat pattern (such as above) to a wall creates the look of wallpaper without the cost of application AND when you decide you hate it in a year you just paint over it! Also, it’s great for damp spaces such as the bathroom where wallpaper just does not work but you want a bold pattern.
Also, thanks to the geniuses at Stencil Library, you can also create a bold statement with what they call a “Portrait Wall”. This is created using a stencil that leaves an open area for you to adhere family photos, clippings, artwork, pages of your favorite books….you name it!!! How fantastic is this?? It will take practice, patience and a steady hand to apply though- so skip that second cup of coffee before you begin!

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