Sturbridge Village 2.0


Yesterday my mom and I took a little drive up to Sturbridge, MA, a tiny town with not a whole lot going on other than Sturbridge Village (the habitual middle school field trip locale- collective groan from all people raised in New England who had to go over and over). My parents told me about this home store that they said I’d love and I kind of did not believe them. No way in this sleepy town would there be a truly awesome home store.
I was wrong.
HOME by Alex Pifer is a series of three buildings with something for everyone. The building I loved most was the main one in which there were traditional, eco-friendly modern and garden furnishings and accessories. I literally thought I might have a stroke when we went in one area and I kept yelling to my mom repeatedly “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS!!!!” and crazily snapping camera phone pics. I even sat whimpering like a five year old on a pair of reproduction Barcelona chairs upholstered in worn, vintage leather because they were so damn beautiful and they could not go home with me. I apologive for the photo quality. I’ll be going back (hopefully with a client or two) and I’ll take better ones.
Anyways, in another building there is reproduction antique lighting (amazing lanterns for exteriors) and Alex’s own line of paints and in yet another building, called The Seraph, is her collection of reproduction 16th and 17th century colonial furniture. Not my cup of tea personally, but I totally respect the care and detail with which she and her husband craft these amazing pieces! Take a peek below, and if you are ever in southern MA- take a detour and stop in.

Some official pictures: The zebra area which of course, made me swoon. You can’t see it here but to the far right are these amazing recycled glass pendant lights- simple and totally stunning.

The furniture has classic lines and is just pure and simple.

These tables shown here made of little pieces of driftwood would be AMAZING in a beach house. And the big entertainment center piece in the background is to die for and can be done in any color scheme.

The garden section with lovely stone tables and urns!

I LOVED this console table an the elegant, very unique hurricanes. To the right, an industrial chic coffee table!


Some of Alex’s own fabric, which looks a heck of a lot like this Madeline Weinrib fabric (and is only $40 a yard!). To the right, an darling turquoise dresser and carved mirror.

Some of the reproduction lanterns I would love to use on the exterior of a home.

This ottoman was to die for. Really. It was done in this impossibly gorgeous brown/grey/violet linen and was just so elegant looking. To the right, a collection of glass jugs that made me SWOON and a recycled burlap pendant light that I would LOVE in a kitchen dining area (and my Mom-hi Mom!)

HOME by Alex Pifer
420 Main Street
Sturbridge, MA

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