Stylish Space for the Little One

Seeing as I am entering the age group where pregnancy announcements are rolling in from my friends at an amazing rate of speed, I figured that a post about how to create a stylish, cozy but not juvenile, nursery was apropos. A nursery can be a space where you can have inordinate amounts of fun with color and pattern, leaving room for the little one to grow and mature without having to rip off Winnie the Pooh wallpaper border once they realize it’s not cool. There are a wealth of hip sites for style minded moms out there. Modern Seed and Modern Tots are two of the best. I am currently obsessed with Dwell Baby bedding (as well as Dwell bedding for grown ups too). The patterns are so fresh and the color schemes very modern (see pic above.) Another favorite, seen below, are the gorgeously crafted quilts by Denise Schmidt. These would look wonderful thrown over a rocker to cuddle up with your new bundle of joy, but cool enough to bring into the living room too. This baby bassinet below looks hip enough show off in any room and would blend in seamlessly with modern furniture .

Using modular carpet tiles in patterns and solids, such as those from Flor (above) can create a great whimsical pattern on the floor which would allow you to keep the walls a solid color that could stay fresh for years. And you can rearrange them in fun, funky ways like a puzzle whenever you feel like it.
Even bouncy chairs a mobiles can look like works of art! Check out this Calder-esque mobile :

And this bouncy chair that looks like it came from the design desk of Kate Spade (brought to my attention by my uber-chic, very pregnant designer friend Julie Richard):

High chairs can be found in wood finishes that compliment and match your current dining set; no need to add a plastic eyesore to a room just because you have a cute new dining partner:

And finding great prints and original works of art for the walls can be cheap and easy too. The Art Farmer has great graphic stretched canvases with bright prints of animals, alphabets and the like.

Finally, no sense in ruining your outfit with a hideously utilitarian diaper bag when they make ones like this!I would carry that now, albeit filled with my yoga stuff instead of bottles and Wet Wipes…..someday Mom, someday.

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