• Planning for An Active Summer with Backcountry

    This summer I really want to get my kids outside more and take more day trips exploring nature. We tried taking the kids hiking the other weekend and Emma, being only 24 months, is NOT the biggest fan- but Henry LOVES it. So it might be a case of “quality time” with…
  • My Health, Workout & Beauty Routines

    This weekend when I did my Instagram AMA (“Ask Me Anything”) I got a lot of questions about my health and workout routines (and what kind of products and procedures I use/do on my face as well!) As you know, I tend to be mostly an open book so I’m happy to…
  • Baby Emma Items I’m Loving

    It took me about three weeks to do this one post, but at least I did one :). As I’ve mentioned, it hasn’t been the easiest transition for us bringing baby Emma into the mix– the pandemic really is making things a lot harder on all of us, and I’m struggling a…
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