• Round Up: Holiday Decor, Wreaths, Ornaments & More

    With all of the shipping and stock delays, I’m trying to get ahead of the holiday rush, so I’ve started planning/ordering all of my holiday decor now, and figured you all might want to get on it, as well! We’re not ready to decorate yet, but it will be nice to have…
  • Gift Guides 2021: For Home

    Oh boy, today’s gift guide took me ALL day! SO here it is, gifts for home and host! I grouped together some great items to create little gift baskets or pairings that are sure to convey a sense of effort and thoughtfulness. Obviously I would be remiss to not plug my own…
  • New Source: Zara Home

    Am I the ONLY PERSON ON EARTH who had no idea that Zara had a home store with absolutely amazing looking stuff??? How did I miss this?? I figured if I didn’t know, maybe some of you didn’t either so here’s a round up of some of my favorite items! 1. //…
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