Take a deep breath and jump in…


So, I’ve got a logo, business cards on order and a dream that this little venture will grow into a career for me. Having been raised by an aesthetically minded architectural designer father and always stylish mother, I feel that I would be denying my heritage to not give this a go. Previous jobs as an art “gallerina”, interior design assistant and event planner have lead me to a place in my life where I can take the skills I’ve learned and focus on the parts of those careers that made me feel inspired and alive…and do it on my own. So here I am. If you have a room that needs sprucing up or a dinner party that needs a little something special, you know where to find me.
I wanted a name that represented how I feel about design, and immediately I thought “I always want to be in my element, surrounded by things that make me smile, that have a story and make me feel at home” So I went with it.
My approach to styling is this: it should be fun. It should be a process. It won’t be right on the first try all the time. It should not intimidate you or make you feel overwhelmed and anxious. The desire to create spaces and events that reflect who you are inside and out is why I have started this company. I want everyone to live a life of style, not just the upper crust with the big checkbooks.
So pass this blog along, as well as my e-mail erin@element-interiors.com and hopefully, someday, look for me in the pages of Elle Decor.

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