The Butterfly Chair Flies Again…


This is how my brain works, in case you are wondering.  Yesterday I saw the line-up for this years Coachella Music Festival (Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Thom Yorke, Sia, MGMT, Passion Pit…oh my) and thought about how much FUN it would be to go.  Then I thought “Wait, it’s near Palm Springs!” which can only mean one thing if you are me: The Parker a.k.a. Heaven on Earth. Seriously, have you been? Because if you have not, you need to go. Jonathan Adler everything+ fire-pits + bocce courts and ping pong tables by the pool + the “lemonade stand” (the lemonade has vodka in it, natch) + a crazy spa + staff wearing hot pink pants + the best pancakes ON EARTH. Have I convinced you? No? How about the fact that when we went we sat next to Amanda Peet at the pool while watching Taye Diggs play ping pong with his shirt off after brushing past Ed Norton in the lobby. I’m not even kidding you. It was like Us Weekly in the flesh, which as you can imagine, sent me into a near coma. Ok, that was massive digression- see, this is how the creative brain works. Anyways, while thinking about the Parker I thought about the best evening in which we sat around the fire pit in huge white butterfly chairs while a waiter brought us wine.  I forgot how damn comfortable those chairs are and how, when used in the right setting, they aren’t as “college dorm” as I remember. So I went in search of images of butterfly chairs being used in modern interiors (and some exteriors).  They are super affordable and add a little devil-may-care modern casualness to any room. Perhaps you should reconsider them ( and find a way to sit in the ones at the Parker!)


My favorite image is from Canadian House and Home. Love this look and feel!


A few more goodies:


via Flickr & Remodelista


via Elle Decor & Flickr


via Trick My Brick & Flickr

Here are some versions of the chair I really like (click images for links):


Picture 5BKF2_001

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