The Canadians Have Got It DOWN.

I am beginning to think that Canadian House & Home is my replacement magazine for both Domino and Cottage Living- it sort of blends the two to create a “best of both worlds” compilation of modern and cottage-y. This most recent issue (March 09) is now a bevy of folded down corners and excited red pen marks (lots of voracious circling and “!!!!!”) This show house in particular, designed bu H&H editor Lynda Reeves and the H&H design team, made me writhe with jealousy and inspiration! You can take a tour of each room here with the designer and see other parts of this AMAZING home!
One of my favorite elements are the F. Schumacher Chenonceau drapes in the charcoal colorway. This print is a new favorite of mine, and am using the wallpaper in a remote design job I’m working on. It may be my “new imperial trellis”. :)

Absolutely LOVING the dark chocolate mudroom (below left) with the sleek drapes and modern pendant- wait ’till you see what else is in this room on the video tour (attention dog lovers!)

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