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Friday night my family and I went to The Golden Lamb Buttery in Brooklyn, CT for an early birthday dinner. The last time I went was when Andrew and I got engaged, so it’s been a while needless to say. But it leaves an indelible impression even years later, so I asked to go back. It’s a very unique experience to dine here, starting with the lovely drive up to the restaurant through fields and stone walls that make you feel like you might be in England. The restaurant is in a big old red barn that sits on a hilltop overlooking a pond and fields (and a golden lamb weather vane) , but don’t think you can wear your best jeans. This is no hoe-down. The juxtaposition of fancy attire and rustic surroundings is what makes this place so fun. The barn is filled with antiques, knick knacks, photographs of the family which started it (and still runs the place) and memorabilia of many happy lives lived. You have cocktails on the big porch, served by staff dressed in “farm girl” outfits and take in the surroundings. There are usually only 4 dinner entree choices, all spectacular, which you order right before you grab your drink and go for a hay ride (complete with live guitar serenade). A tractor pulls you around the farm and just when you think “Drat, I wish I had gotten a new glass of wine before leaving” a little golf cart whizzes up with refills! When the original owners (it’s now run by their granddaughter) were involved, this service was run by the husband in his vintage white classic car! It was always such a sight to see him zooming up thtough the field in this great vehicle with drinks!
Dinner is cooked on a tiny little stove for all guests. No joke. It’s amazing- the best Chateaubriand I’ve ever had complemented by heaping bowls of garden fresh veggies that are circulated by the waitress. Anyways, here are a plethora of pictures- it’s a must if you are ever in the “quiet corner” of Connecticut- but be sure to call weeks ahead for a reservation!

The drive in… complete with turkeys which my husband gobbled at and they replied! Fits of laughter ensued…

They apparently filmed a Lexus commercial here- and there is still evidence… :)

The wise farm kitty who loved to pose for the camera…

Framed checks from interesting and notable guests…

Great old signs…

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