The Restoration of Restoration.


I haven’t been sourcing much more than the occasional schoolhouse pendant or hardware from Restoration Hardware in the past year, finding it too heavy and traditional for my taste. Until now. When I received the newest catalog (and being out of any other reading material, i.e. US Weekly) I actually flipped through it instead of recycling it. And am I glad I did! This light fixture stopped me dead in my tracks!!! I would LOVE to use a pair of them over a kitchen island in an all white and Carerra marble kitchen! I am literally bouncing up and down in my chair at the thought of it right now! :) Any takers?

Then I saw this sleek and simple glass piece of light candy and got even more excited. I love the vintage look mixed with a smidge of modernism.

This chair is bananas. It’s like a unique take of the Barcelona chaise. But it looks insanely comfortable! Also note the killer industrial chic console/buffet table and lights! (Cue more excited bouncing!)

This item sent me over the edge though. A massive leather trunk that is actually a secretary, complete with magazine caddies and drawers. I mean, I am not exactly sure for whom and where this would work (a LARGE loft, perhaps), but you cannot deny the coolness. Or that killer leather strap chair (which I’d love to see around a really modern glass and chrome dining table.)

This bricklayers table is my favorite. I love, love, love it.

This version rocks my world too.

More industrial chic cabinets….

How about this vintage looking dining table with those swanky chrome pendants? Love the combo of shiny and beat up.

I thought this was just a pic of the chair they sell with some rad antique molding turned into a desk they styled for the shoot. But nope. You can buy that bad boy too and tell people you found it at some flea market in Paris and had it shipped back. I won’t tell.

Some delicious, simple, lovely upholstered beds.

I love it that so many of my favorite retailers or revamping their styles right now. I can’t wait to tell you about my endorphin inducing weekend shopping spree at, of all places, Ann Taylor….

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