The Viceroy Palm Springs


Let me start first by saying that I was so eager to see The Viceroy Palm Springs. I think perhaps my hopes were too high, seeing as I do very much admire Kelly Wearstler (even if she did get famous because she married a hotel king). Anywhoo, when we planned our trip to PS I was tempted to stay here- the images on the website were so chic and straight out of my fave Kelly book Modern Glamour. But THANK GOD we did not stay there, and rather spent our (Andrew’s) hard earned money on The Parker a.k.a Utopia.
First of all,w e drove by the Viceroy about 5 times, cursing our GPS and the concierge who gave us “spot on” directions. When we were about to bag the whole charade and just head to dinner I spotted the top of a quintessential Wearstler cabana over a hedge and we stopped. Lo and behold , the very subtly signaged Viceroy. We walked in and I was first floored by how absolutely MINUSCULE the common areas are- the “lobby” is about the size of my dining room and the bar/restaurant looks much like an uncomfortable attempt to squeeze as much in as possible to a small space. The bartender was rude, but the drink menu was enticing so we got some drinks and went to walk the grounds.
The pool looks like a small, bad motel pool (I could entertain you with another story of a bad motel turned “hot spot” in South Hampton at the heinously run and oddly creepy Capri). The plastic lounge chairs were saggy and there was garbage left there from the day’s guests. There seemed to be very few staff and the hot tub was full of leaves! As Andrew and I sat back and toasted our unusual good decision to stay elsewhere, I did find time to appreciate the gorgeous dark grey cabanas with slick white banquette seating and sunburst mirror. I also loved the three lanterns hung unevenly in a group, something I’ve noted for future projects. I also loved the yellow, black and white color scheme, the stylistically cut greenery and the bright red doors on the villa units.
But truly, a disappointment. I never got to see a room, so I reserve judgment there. I know it is an older property, and that the Viceroy Santa Monica is truly something to behold (Can’t wait to go and see that one!)
But I happily made my way back to the near perfect Parker with a big grin on my face.

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