This One Here’s For All the Fellas…

Bachelor pads are really fun to design, mostly because guys tend to be much less opinionated about decor and let the designer do all sorts of fun things. But it can also be a great challenge to create a space that is not too feminine but also not too stiff and cold. I think that the home of Francisco Costa, head designer for Calvin Klein, shown here is the perfect example of an ideal man’s apartment. The grey grass cloth, leather, modern lines and menswear inspired details add up to a space that is inviting but masculine. Neither sparse and cold nor so detailed it sets off your “high maintenance metro-sexual” alarm.

photos by Martyn Thompson
Now for some decor items that would work well for a man on a budget (and who isn’t these days). With jobs being lost, bonuses cut and 401k’s vanishing before our eyes like vapor it’s no wonder bachelors have probably put apartment decor on lock down. But there are a myriad of affordable wares out there for you to access to create a space that feels grown up and welcoming after a hard day!

CB2 has some great modern pieces with clean lines and man friendly colors- lots of grey and brown, so this could be one stop shopping for any guy. This sectional is less offensive than one you’ll find at a discount retailer- and paired with some sleek leather club chairs there’s plenty of room for seating.

A modern arch lamp will impress any gal, and this cement coffee table will thrill other guys (“Dude, is that cement? Sweeeeeeet“)

IKEA is genius for bachelor pad decor, of course. This black dresser with Asian inspired details is amazing (look a those drop pulls, ladies!) and this rug is an instant classic.

A mattress on the floor does NOT count as a bed fellas- so pick up a bed frame for goodness sakes! :) These are less than $350!

For dining try one of these pairings-
For a small space try the Docksta Table from IKEA and scoop back chairs from Room & Board.

A simple wood table by Ikea paired with slightly more pricey sleek cantilever chairs by Room & Board. A great take on the high/low mix.

Of course we can’t for get the all important entertainment unit- be it modern with storage, more Ralph Lauren-y with doors and a beat up finish or simple and clean….they can all be found at IKEA!

Be sure to put down rugs. Nothing says “unfinished room” like an absence of rugs. West Elm makes fantastic, affordable ones that last.

And speaking of overlooked details and West Elm, do not forget to add some throw pillows to your sofa! They add a layer of warmth and comfort that any lady you are entertaining will appreciate! I am particularly loving their studded wool ones. See- throw pillows can be tough!

For bedding and soft goods think about utilizing menswear inspired details and fabrics like these bedding sets from Ralph Lauren and Crate & Barrel. Apply this logic to drapes and throw pillows too!

Throw some art up on the walls- modern photography is always a nice look for a man’s space- like this abstract city lights set from Crate and Barrel:

I understand the need to show allegiance to a certain sports team. I think it’s programed into the male DNA. Why not go with something a little more artsy like this vintage print of Fenway Park?Framed in sleek steel or silver it shows off your team pride without looking juvenile.

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