To All The Haters


I’m going to use my blog today as a cyber soap box to vent some of my personal frustration. I don’t usually give any validation to haters, and I have plenty of them who leave nasty comments on this blog which you never see because I don’t post them.  But this I want to address because it really made me lose a bit of faith in the human race as a whole and that makes me really sad.  Yesterday’s Boston Globe 25 Most Stylish publication was a pretty decent thrill for me (and the others involved, I’m sure). I know I for one have worked really hard at creating an entrepreneurial business from the ground up and when asked by a publication such as the Globe to participate in such a story I can only be proud to get recognition for that hard work (not to mention more business, as free local press is the best kind of advertising).  So when I logged onto the website to see what people thought of the spread and found 5 pages of hatred, I was appalled. Comments like “I’m sure every one of these people are stuck up snobs.  I would be embarrassed and ashamed to even be brought up as a possible candidate for this list, but I’m sure these losers think it’s an honor” or “these people are privileged, self-absorbed, nothings” and  “Why is the Globe giving all this attention to these self-obsessed attention whores?  They’ve done nothing for society other than parade around in expensive clothes.”  What’s ironic is that the people making these comments are the true self-absorbed losers that they claim we are.  I’d like them to pair their photos and job titles with their comments since they are such pillars of fashion and society. I’m going to venture a bet that they wouldn’t say such things if that was required- the veil of anonymity makes us oh-so brave and free to judge, now doesn’t it?

Not every piece in a newspaper has to be hard hitting journalism and if you don’t enjoy fashion then don’t read it and move on to something that does interest you.  There is no need to try to take other people down just because you think what we do is “silly”. Why don’t you take the time it took to write your vile posts to do something worthy, since you feel so morally superior to us and assume we don’t do anything but gaze in the mirror. This article wasn’t about our whole lives, just our exteriors.  If you really want to judge, wait until you hear about our backgrounds, volunteer work, charity involvement, education, hobbies and beliefs. You don’t know anything about us except for this one tidbit.  And pardon me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t it make YOU the stuck up snob for judging us based on our clothing? I mean, really, just LISTEN to yourselves. You sound uneducated, petty and incredibly shallow and I’m really sad that I share this great city with you. I really am.

I’m done for now, I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening and to the haters, you can keep hatin’ because I’m gonna keep doing what I do and doing it with pride.



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