Top Design?


Did anyone watch it? Of course you did, if you read this blog you must enjoy interior design and this is a guilty pleasure….I think.
My thoughts…
1) India Hicks’ way of speaking is really annoying. And she’s really tan. I guess that’s how you roll when you live in the Bahamas year round.
2) JEFF LEWIS AS A GUEST JUDGE??? I’m signed up for the whole season!
3) Wisit. The name. The voice. The opera singing. Hella weird.
4) The “Junkyard”, where they all went to shop for these $2,000/2 day lofts looked like a gold mine!! Why were they complaining? Prima donnas.
5) The right team won the challenge for sure, I was pretty impressed at what they did in two days but my question is- how did they get flooring and wallpaper to fit into the $2,000 budget?

6) Kelly Wearstler scares me. She is a rockstar in this biz, don’t get me wrong, but something about her (and her future hair styles they showed in previews) makes me uncomfortable.
7) The talent pool on there is kinda weak… I hate to say it, but perhaps I should have tried out! LOL!
8) Just reaffirming that I *heart* Jonathan Adler…especially when he called the dog bed they made him “j’adorable”.
9) The kiss off line “we can’t live with your design” is HORRENDOUS!!!!

Love to hear what you thought of it.

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