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I got up late after watching the Grammy’s last night and before I can get my coffee down I wanted to get out some thoughts regarding last night as well as the death of Whitney.

If you are one of my contemporaries (early/mid 30’s) you probably stumbled through those tough middle school years to the soundtrack of Whitney Houston.  This girl certainly did.  I had a purple boom box that kept me company those days and nights in my room when I felt like a bit of an outsider.  And one of my most favorite cassette tape covers was this one:

This picture is burned into my memory and seeing it again brings me right back to times I’d dance by myself and sing along to “So Emotional” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” while wearing my Hypercolors t-shirts and neon leggings and ugly headbands.  I thought she was so beautiful, and so talented and probably had no idea what it was like to not have boys want to dance with you. But she sang it like she did.  And then came The Bodyguard, which is probably one of my favorite movies still to this day. And he will kill me for telling you this, but one of Andrew’s too. Whenever it’s on TV he never makes me change it, but rather settles in and prepares for what always ends in a not-so-magical duet of “I Will Always Love You” by us in our living room in front of the dogs.

That song. Oh that song.

It’s the saddest song I’ve ever heard. And one of the most beautiful and powerful. Andrew and I actually joked that it should be our first dance song because (again, sorry to put you in the hot seat honey) he is OBSESSED with that song. It’s always on his iPod and he tears up every single time he hears it and belts it out like he is on stage. It used to make me laugh and poke fun at him.  But last night, as I listened to Jennifer Hudson’s tribute, I had tears streaming down my face too. It’s so sad that we are losing so many talents, and so many important figures in our lives, to addiction. Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were two of the most important artists of my childhood.  Seeing Paul McCartney sitting in the audience last night made me think- that’s who people my Mom’s age loved growing up, and sadly, I won’t have the same experience of seeing my musical idols alive when I have grown children.  I don’t have  an answer, obviously, I just am so saddened by this.

I wasn’t 100% on board with Jennifer Hudson singing the tribute last night- I thought Christina Aguilera or Mariah Carey should have done it. I WAS SO WRONG. Jennifer delivered a nuanced, lovely rendition of that chill inducing song in which she didn’t try to BE Whitney, she honored her. Seriously amazing (and she looked incredible to boot). Can you even imagine the pressure of having to do that, and on such short notice??? As for Adele- I mean, what can I say? Who doesn’t love her? And isn’t she made so much more charming by that adorable accent and honest to goodness gratitude and surprise?  She’s the kind of artist that you are both stunned to silence by from her raw talent (I was lucky enough to see her live before her surgery) and yet know she’d be the most fun girl to have a drink with?? No lights, no crazy get-ups, no dance moves the render you unable to sing live- just a voice, a humble attitude and a sense of pure enjoyment. I hope more music trends this way.  Adios Gaga.

P.S. I can’t even deal with these two and their perfection. Seriously. Not human. I feel like a rip in the space time continuum should appear whenever they are in the same place.

And last but not least, I am SO SO SO disappointed in the Grammy producers for not only letting Chris Brown perform- but letting him perform TWICE and rewarding him with a Grammy. How do we live in a country in which this happens?  Not only is he disgusting, but I can’t help but feel like he is the new Bobby Brown, so on an evening such as last night I think it was tasteless to allow him to have so much air time.  I hope all of you shut off the TV after Jennifer sang and HE came back on a way to signal to producers that enough is ENOUGH.  You shouldn’t be able to beat the crap out of a woman and get your career back. You just shouldn’t.

EOS, out.

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