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We all spend lots of time pinning and pulling images of things we like, rooms that make us swoon and inspirational spaces.  But sometimes you can learn a lot by studying rooms you DON’T like.  I actually ask some clients to pull images of spaces they hate alongside ones they love because together they create a clear picture of what they want out of their space.

So here is a space that I straight up dislike. And no surprise, it’s a Kardashian home (not a fan of them, AT ALL) via Domaine Home. So let’s take a gander at Kourtney’s home, shall we….

Here’s the thing about this house, EVERYTHING is a statement. Everything. There is no place for your eye to rest and make the next statement feel special. It’s just an assault on your eyeballs in every square foot of space.  You know I love black and white stripes but this room is TOO much with the patterned floor as well and the crazy lighting topping it off.


MORE stripes! This room feels a little less offensive to me but again, with the bold art and the urchin light fixture it’s all just too much for me.


OMG, this kills me. The rug plus the wallpaper plus the primary colored sculpture and art. This is exactly what I would show someone if they asked me what I disliked in a home. Let the wall be the statement and pair it with simpler, classier art and accessories! GAH.


This room isn’t horrible on it’s own- I like the chandelier a lot and the chairs and fabric on the roman, but the host chairs make no sense to me.


Again, this isn’t horrendous but it is the point where I start wondering if there is wallpaper in EVERY room. I dig the black chairs though.


Yup, there is definitely wallpaper everywhere. With a traditional patterned backsplash this wallpaper feels all wrong. Forced, if you will. And the modern lights look off with the country cabinetry and curved bar top.  This to me reads as “we didn’t want to pay to change the cabinets so we’ll just throw a bunch of modern stuff everywhere instead.”  You CAN make traditional cabinetry look mroe modern, but it has to be subtler than this.  Don’t try to make a space something it’s not.


MORE wallpaper. I love wallpaper as much as the next girl, but you CANNOT use it in every room! Make it special and pick a couple rooms to use it in.  When you use bold, trendy items in every space nothing feels special or “wow”.  Also, if you do this your home will feel dated the second the wallpaper glue dries. Maybe that’s why she’s selling the house!


Patterned wallpaper, patterned drapes, patterned sofa AND rug. It’s all just too much for me. This much going on in every space makes me anxious.


I like the black walls and the rug and maybe even the desk chair, but this room to me just screams “2013 trends!!!!”


This pretty much sums it up for me (if only I had an Anthony to yell it for me).


What do you guys think? What are your least favorite trends?

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