Tried & True: My Favorite Bras


I have a scheduled post for Friday that is not fashion related, so today I’m doing a quick but hopefully useful fashion post – my favorite bras! Now, I will preface this by saying I prefer unlined bras with good support, especially in the summer. I prefer breathable fabrics and a little lift. But I still want to be comfortable. So these won’t be for everyone – but I swear I’ve tried every bra ever made, and these are ones I have multiples of because I really, truly like them the best!


Gap has always been good to me in the bra department. I have about 4 of these lace plunge bras– supportive, pretty and durable- and just ordered this t shirt style that is apparently the same support and cut, just smooth.


I recently have fallen in love with this Negative bra. It’s AWESOME. I also like this style too for real, breathable comfort (no underwire) but still some support.


This is a GEM of a bra– crazy good support, almost push up, but NO padding. It looks like you’ve had a boob job/ lift. I have three. Comes in really small band sizes too, which is great for people like me who are a 30/32 D.

This style is also great.


I hate, hate, hate strapless bras. Who doesn’t? But these two Lively ones (top // bottom) actually stay up. I wore one ALL day the other day and forgot it was on (i.e. didn’t need to keep tugging it up)


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