Up on my soapbox…


Because I’m frantic with Christmas finishing touches and feeling under the weather, I’m a little “off” today as far as design blogging.
I am going to have to digress and comment on the creepy announcement that Jamie Lynn Spears, all 16 years of her, is pregnant. Now, I am all for vile amounts of celebrity gossip. It is my one true vice- not drugs, not booze- but shameless gossipy websites like Perez Hilton and D-Listed. But when I saw the news about the OTHER Miss Spears being knocked up, I was nauseated enough to SKIP watching Access Hollywood. What has become of our celebrity culture? The most depressing things are now being totally glamorized-rehab, jail, teen and unplanned pregnancy- and it makes me scared of having a daughter who may one day look up to these stars. What if it keeps getting worse? How COULD it get worse? What next? Track marks become the new “it” symbol instead of kabbalah bracelets? Look at Amy Winehouse, Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Paris, Nicole Richie, Lily Allen. What happened to the celebs and shows I idolized as a teen? The most shocking thing then was Donna Martin getting plastered at the prom. Teens these days would laugh at that.
Perhaps this is the cure for my own gossip addiction. It’s not fun anymore, it’s depressing.

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