Up, up and away…


So here I am, in my final hours at Dana Hall ready to embark on my adventure in decorating.
It’s time. I’m ready.
A awkward goodbye party today followed by a giant sign of relief, and a touch of panic, no doubt. After all, I am still me. But I’ve come to find that you only learn about what you are truly capable of by scaring yourself and doing things that are not a guaranteed “knock it out of the park” opportunity. Who is to know what lies ahead for me. Greatness? Perhaps a few stumbles? But knowing that I am going to be doing something I truly love is filling me with a great sense of purpose, which I’ve been missing in my life.

My business cards are being done by the fabulously talented Tara at Ink & Wit and I cannot wait to see how they come out. Tangible proof of what I’ve started.

Pretty exciting stuff.

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