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I am constantly torn between wanting to live in the city and in the country- the joy of movement and having everything at your fingertips versus the joy of serene solitude and open space. Currently I am battling this decision as we decide if we are going to put our place on the market (anyone? anyone?) and move into the heart of the city or try to find a house to renovate outside the city…ideally, I’d like both! An apartment in the city for the weekdays and a little tiny cottage in the country for the weekends, like this one in New York’s Hudson Valley that belongs to renaissance man Frank Faulkner. Artist, interior designer, shop keeper and real estate investor (he’s renovated 14 homes in the Hudson Valley since the 80’s), Frank took this dilapidated cottage and brought it back to life without demolishing the classic details, which he finds implies “order and clarity”.

What I love about this space, which is typically more traditional that I myself like, is that it’s layered but with careful restraint and shows a true appreciation for texture, history and visual interest. The kitchen especially is lovely in it’s rustic/modern juxtapositions- white cabinets against deep chocolate walls and rustic woodwork playing against sleek stone counters an steel appliances. *love*

“Even if you’ve spent a lot of money for something, if it doesn’t work, throw it out. Otherwise, it holds the entire room hostage.” Frank Faulkner

When I saw the picture below left I fell in love with the painting propped up against the amazing chicken wire inset cabinet. It’s moody, stormy feel and large scale (5′ x 4′) drew me in. I researched it and found that it has a hefty price tag of $20k- alas, it will NOT be gracing my wall.
A true talent and proof that those born with an eye for aesthetics can utilize it in many mediums.


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