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I am unabashedly going to geek out so hardcore today over the release of New Moon at midnight tonight!  I’ve got a great event to go to first at Luna Boston, and then a pre-party with some equally excited women at which I’ll change from my “designer persona” duds  into this little number and completely FREAK MY FREAK until midnight when I’ll be in the theaters with throngs of screaming ladies watching the movie! It’s like Christmas morning!

And you thought I was cool….

I did have a reader write me a while ago asking me if I would do a Twilight inspired room post. If any day is appropriate for me to do this, it’s today.  I wanted it to reflect the dark moodiness of the movie, but not the typical “black and red” vampire color scheme.  So instead I chose black, white and deep forest green, which reminds me of the mossy, damp town of Forks (wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this). And what better room to base on Edward and Twilight than a bedroom? (wink, wink) Since Edward is 100+ years old, I wanted the room to have a mix of antique styles from different decades-almost as if they were collected throughout time. Everything has a reference to the book (canopy bed, fur blanket, deer head, etc.) and I think all and all, it looks quite chic and not “Twilight” at all! The perfect room for the grown up Twi-hard who doesn’t want posters on her wall!

The room itself would be very much like Jenna Lyon’s bedroom- creamy marble mantle, black walls and great architectural detail. I’d make the focus piece this antiqued mirrored “True Romance” Neirmann Weeks bed (hey, vampires are loaded so budget isn’t a factor). I’d pop an alabaster deer head above the headboard for a really graphic, unexpected punch. And the room would smell of Diptyque’s Baies Noir candles…

Picture 13Picture 4

Picture 42Picture 48

An antique rug and deep green velvet drapes would create a really rich atmosphere.

Picture 18Picture 26

Simple sleek white with black  Yves Delorme bedding and a faux fur throw (hello Jacob) at the foot and mirrored pillows for a shimmery effect.

Picture 36Picture 22

Picture 15

A mid-century chandelier to add some funk:

Picture 27

Alabaster lamps on top of Moorish inlaid tables giving it an eclectic, cultural look.

Picture 39Picture 36

A antique dresser topped with bell jars covering plants and mosses and tons of candles in mercury holders.

Picture 32

Picture 19Picture 16Picture 44

Wall decor would be varied- a really large format photograph on one wall that looks oh-so appropriate, something modern and abstract on another (this is Amanda Talley) and a Venetian mirror above the dresser (to reflect the Italian component of the book)

Picture 37

Picture 35Picture 38

In a seating area (with large photograph from above hung on wall) a Barcelona daybed  with a pillow in Schumacher’s Shock Wave velvet with a green throw and petrified wood side table.

Picture 9Picture 21

Picture 33Picture 34

And by that, of course, Sapien bookshelves stacked with old books:

Picture 46Picture 47

Of course I had to create a themed cocktail for the party leading up to the midnight showing, so here it is:

Picture 41

The Sparkly Vampire Martini

(a.k.a. the Cullentini, a.k.a. What Will Get Me Drunk Enough To Deal With Hordes of Screaming Teenagers at Midnight Tonight)

1 1/2 shots citrus vodka (you can make it 2 if you want to SEE sparkles)

splash of Chambord

1/2 shot simple syrup

1 shot pomegranate juice (POM is good)

squeeze of fresh lemon juice

rub rim of lemon wedge around rim of glass and coat in sparkly sugar (mine is Stirrings Lemon Drop Sugar Rim)

Shake and pour into glass. Drink enough that when you get to the theater for the midnight New Moon showing you start kissing the Rob Pattinson cardboard cutout on display while your friends laugh/take pictures to post on Facebook.

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