Viva Spain!


Things I Love About Boston:
*The Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics. (Sorry Bruins)
*The beauty and history of Back Bay, Beacon Hill and the South End.
* The small town feel with big city energy.
* Running on the Charles on a warm day.
* I even love the crass attitude and psychotic driving.

What do I not love about my dear hometown of 6 years?

So when my lovely friend Sarah, (who resides in beautiful Sevilla, Spain-lucky girl) was so kind as to mail me a local design magazine, I just about fainted with envy when seeing the spreads. I want to move somewhere warm so I can create an amazing indoor/outdoor home where the flow from the outdoors is practically uninterrupted to the indoors. Can you imagine living at this place? Windows always open to the ocean breeze? A three walls in your living room because the fourth wall is just missing as to not obstruct your view one extra inch?
I am just bummed I cannot read this magazine, despite Senora Plough’s best efforts with me in high school, my spanish vocab never stuck.

Oh, dear Beantown, when the time comes and I finally depart you for sunnier shores, I will certainly miss you, but not while sitting on my year round use patio with built in fireplace.


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