Wanted: EOS Summer Intern!


tumblr_kxflj6yDtF1qb1s3io1_500So here’s where we are, folks. I’ve got an office. It’s pretty rad. But it’s barely decorated because I have zip zero free time– which has made me come to the conclusion that I am going to be looking for a summer intern for Element Interiors/ Elements of Style blog!  It’s a part-time, 10-12 hour a week role that will allow you the exquisite privilege of seeing what a true hot mess (entertaining and funny, but truly in need of HELP) I am and how complicated and crazy running small business and blog is! I have so much cool stuff going on between fashion styling, interiors, blogging and freelance writing that I need a go-to person for everything and anything- organizing, puppy playing, delivering goods, picking up samples, quoting items, lots of emailing, making lists, checking things OFF those lists, dreaming up creative blog ideas and keeping me on task. No bones about it, it’ll be a lot of office managing, with some creative work thrown in. And it’s an internship so if you need to make good money, this isn’t for you. Just bein’ honest….

Sound up your alley? If so e-mail me your resume to erin@element-interiors.com

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