Warning for Dog Owners!!!


Andrew and I went to get our X-mas tree and at the register was some fresh mistletoe. I bought some in hopes of creating a lovely hanging in our archway into the kitchen. While hanging it a couple berries fell on the floor and little Baxter ate them. I immediately thought “Is that bad for him?” and Googled it. Come to find out mistletoe berries can be FATAL to dogs! We swooped little confused Baxter up and brought him to the hospital. He just got home after induced vomiting, activated charcoal administration and a few hours of observation (and mommy’s wallet less $250). He’s still not 100% out of the woods yet, but is quite chipper, so we are feeling a little less “gloom and doom”. I had NO IDEA how poisonous this plant was, so here are some known hazards for pets in your home over the holidays:

* mistletoe, pointsetta, holly, lilies, amaryllis and Christmas rose- ALL TOXIC!!!
* tinsle
* de-icing salts
* ornament hooks


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