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Hey there design lovers, we at Erin Gates Design (that would be Lindsey and me) have a CRAZY, CRAZY busy spring and summer coming up, especially having to write and produce my book.  So we need an extra set of hands on deck to help us get all we have to get done… done. :) So here are the details:

WHERE: Our office in Boston’s Fort Point

WHEN: June- September (or as your schedule allows)

SCHEDULE: 2-3 days per week, 9-4 (with flexibility for shoots)


* Must have a car.  There will be lots of errands to run (to the design center, framers, flower market, etc) so you need to have a car and a valid license. I will compensate parking fees and gas mileage.

* Must know how to use a Mac and MS Office (preferably Photoshop as well!)

* Must have a cell phone. (Does anyone not have one? Do I have to say this?)

* Must have sincere interest in interior design and the business of design.  Any skills in book development a BIG plus (photography, photo research, styling, etc.)

* Must be reasonably eloquent on the phone and over e-mail.  We have clients to impress. :)

* Must be ORGANIZED, we have so much going on we need someone who is good at keeping track of details.

DETAILS:  You’ll be a Jane/Jack of All Trades.  Must be comfortable making calls, composing charming e-mails and running errands in the city (and out of the city).  You’ll be needed to help research photography rights, collecting images and all pertinent info, requesting samples, quotes and information about design items.  You’ll help coordinate deliveries, installations and applicable vendor site visits.  You’ll help us style projects for photoshoots and be on set to assist in shoots (or stay back in the office to get busy work done while we are out at shoots- it will depend!)  You will help coordinate schedules and communicate with clients about their orders and designs. You will need to go to the design center to fetch samples and return them.  You will also have to do some not so amazing tasks like help clean/ organize the studio, organize samples, grab coffee/ lunch and maybe even walk the dogs a couple times if needed (but I usually like to do it myself).

We have an amazingly fun studio atmosphere (with lots of dogs so you have to be down with the canines) and this is a pretty cool job.  It’ll be a ton of hard work, but also a great experience and very valuable if you are interested in this field.

**Please send all resumes to Lindsey Retelle who will collect them for review: lindsey@eringatesdesign.com

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