Wedding Style: Audra & Tripp


the bride and groom on the cover of Nantucket Magazine

I hope you are all strapped into your seats for this one because it will rock your world. My friends Audra & Tripp were married last summer on Nantucket and the event was stylish beyond measure. Not surprising coming from Audra who is the owner of Looc Boutique in Boston’s South End (I blogged about it previously here). From the Thread Social bridesmaids dresses to the invites by Black Pearl Press to the men’s Nantucket red pants, it was a top to bottom beach front masterpiece.
Watch this UNBELIEVABLE slide show by photographer Claudia Kronenberg of their big day and try not to cry, I dare you. I am not a crier and I cry every damn time I watch it (I sheepishly admit to fully stalking their wedding and watching it several times.) You can read all about it in Boston Magazine Weddings current issue as well!
** Note on 4/5- the song in the slide show is called “Best in Me” by There There!


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